“If it weren’t for my mind, my meditation would be excellent.”
– Pema Chodron

Recorded at heart insight

Talk NameTeacherDateLengthTopics
Perceiving Impermanence 2Patrick Kearney1/8/2157:37the three characteristics, impermanence
Practicing Impermanence 1Patrick Kearney4/7/211:07:09the three characteristics, impermanence
Exploring DukkhaPatrick Kearney6/6/211:29:35the three characteristics, dukkha
The Fourth SatipatthanaPatrick Kearney28/6/201:00:21satipatthana
The Three SatipatthanasPatrick Kearney21/6/201:03:02satipatthana
Serenity & Insight Pt 2Patrick Kearney26/1/201:01:01serenity, insight
Serenity & Insight Pt 1Patrick Kearney19/1/201:02:31serenity, insight
The CookPatrick Kearney11/11/191:06:50serenity, insight
Climate Breakdown and the Dharma Pt 4Victor von der Heyde8/9/1926:28climate breakdown, activism, harm minimisation
Climate Breakdown and the Dharma Pt 3Victor von der Heyde1/9/1921:18climate breakdown, views, climate nihilism
Climate Breakdown and the Dharma Pt 2Victor von der Heyde5/8/1932:48climate breakdown
Climate Breakdown and the Dharma Pt 1Victor von der Heyde9/6/1936:12climate breakdown
Fourth Noble TruthLulu Cook17/3/1943:25four noble truths
Third Noble TruthLulu Cook10/2/1935:44four noble truths
Second Noble TruthLulu Cook27/1/1933:24four noble truths
First Noble TruthLulu Cook13/1/19
34:39four noble truths
Taking & Creating RefugeLulu Cook20/1/1830:21taking refuge, safety, sangha
Earth Day DharmaLulu Cook22/5/1827:50earth day,
Brahma Viharas pt 1Ayya Tatthaloka11/3/1854:32brahama viharas
Brahma Viharas pt 2Ayya Tatthaloka11/3/1849:08brahama viharas
Brahma Viharas pt 3Ayya Tatthaloka11/3/1859:09brahama viharas
Cooling the FireAyya Tatthaloka11/3/181:02:50brahama viharas
Q&AAyya Tatthaloka11/3/1821:01brahama viharas

Other recommended recordings

Talk NameTeacherDateLengthTopics
Wisdom born of stillnessAjahn Brahmavamso25/10/1945:45guided breath meditation
Contact, Feeling Tone and PerceptionMartine Batchelor10/2/2027:28vedana, perception, feelings
Gladdening the mindThannisaro Bhikkhu20/1/110:15:30gladdening the mind
Introduction to MeditationGil Fronsdal3/10/20171:11:56introduction to meditation, breath, basic instruction

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