Guided Insight Meditation with Sama, Jacqueline and Maggie

December 3, 2023 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

To join the Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 849 5773 9986
Passcode: 771103


  • Introductions (5 minutes). A short check-in.
  • A short settling guided meditation (5 minutes).  
  • An short dharma prompt (5 minutes). This may be as short as a poem or as long as a little dharma talk.  
  • A longer meditation. Guided in and out of the meditation by a teacher, but with plenty of quite time for people to explore their own process (25 minutes).   
  • A shared discussion about the prompt or whatever arises from the meditation (18 minutes).  
  • A few moments silence at the end. With a dedication of merit (2 minute).

Sama is a nun in the Theravada tradition and has been doing meditation for 25 yrs. She organises retreats in Rockhampton and teaches mindfulness and loving kindness meditation.
Jacqueline lives in Sydney.  She has been meditating since the late nineties, mainly in the insight Mahasi tradition. As a chronic pain sufferer, Jacqueline has a lived experience of how meditation and visualisation can help ease pain. She is passionate about helping others with there chronic pain through meditation.
Maggie has been teaching for 15 years, 8 years as a dharma teacher in schools and 7 years as the founder of Pottsville Meditation in her home town. She teaches mindfulness, loving kindness and recollective awareness meditation, promoting the shared wisdom that arises out of sangha.